Low #bgnow this morning and look what happens at breakfast. #diabetesfail



I’ve never had butter here, it’s for insulin duh 

It’s really satisfying to know that keeping insulin in the butter compartment of the fridge is universal

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Diabetes meme 2.0. This time with a clearer explanation of the meme’s intent and meaning. Eating too much sugar or candy does not cause diabetes, and no, you aren’t eating a giant bowl of diabetes. 

Nailed it.


Finally! The reasoning behind this was bc my doc told me to get another medical bracelet in case of an emergency like they find me in a ditch somewhere, but this would be my 4th one and theyre always around $100 each so I figured I might as well get a permanent one♥ #diabetic #tattoo #type1diabetes #ink #color #sickink #medicalalert


Don’t forget to wear blue and/or hug a diabetic today and let them know that they are loved and supported! 🙌 Happy #WorldDiabetesDay 💙💉

To all my diabetics here on Tumblr, this is my big hug to you.. *HUG

I love you guys and want you to realize how strong you are! Don’t ever be afraid to come to me. I am here for you anytime, day or night. ❤️


My blood sugar has been in the 60’s for 2 hours so I’m breaking out the magic hypoglycemia curing wand. 🍭🍡 

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I think it’s time to empty my pouch.




For my beautiful girlfriend who battles Type 1 Diabetes each day.

Some great, supportive diabetic ink

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